Essential Oils

Essential Oils - Mollie Bridgeman

When it comes to health and wellbeing Mollie turns to nature’s garden remedies first. With the use of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils there are endless possibilities to improve our state of mind and bodily balance.  Weaving the use of essential oils into practices like meditation, yoga, sound healing and personal care empowers you to elevate your experience to a new level. In Mollie’s home, doTERRA essential oils provide her family with safe, natural alternatives to chemicals and pharmaceuticals as often as possible. And in her practice, she always begins with an oil to set the tone and anoint herself with Plant Spirit.

In Mollie’s sound baths and healing treatments the practice of Aroma Point Therapy is shared with doTERRA essential oils. She applies oils to chakras and acupuncture points on the body for transformation of energy.

“These oils help us find our way into our natural selves.”

- Tiffany Carole, creator of Aroma Point Therapy System

To learn more about doTERRA essential oils and place an oils order with Mollie, visit her business page or upcoming events listings

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Tea Ceremony

“Nature is always talking; tea helps us understand what she is saying.”

- Wu De, teacher of Cha Dao and Zen

Tea Ceremony is a Zen-based meditation practice called Cha Dao, or The Way of Tea. It comes from an ancient Chinese lineage, but the real story of tea is said to be a silent one; where the first several hundred pages are written in the quiet languages of the forest. The tropical forests of Yunnan are considered the birthplace, holding the beautiful evergreen tea trees, Camellia Sinensis. The tea is the messenger and the silence helps make up the Cha Dao; this being the experience as we sit, the listening and Being, the becoming more of a student, the filling yourself with emptying and learning to bow with grace and humility. We sit, sip, surrender and purify in the presence of the natural world, tasted and taken in through the great Spirits of Tea. 

Mollie shares Cha Dao through ceremony at Village Tea Hut in Southern California. Visit the schedule to book.

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“Song of Tea,” a poem by Lu Tong

The first cup moistens the throat;
The second shatters all feelings of solitude;
The third cup purifies the digestion,
Re-opening the 5,000 volumes I’ve studied and bringing them to mind fresh;
The fourth induces perspiration, evaporating all of life’s trials and tribulations;
With the fifth cup, the body sharpens, crisp;
And the sixth cup is the first step on the road to enlightenment;
The seventh cup sits steaming - it needn’t be drunk,
As one is lifted to the abode of the immortals.

Tea Ceremony - Mollie Bridgeman