Inspiring connection to nature through thoughtful tending of the earth


California Farm - Mollie Bridgeman

Our tiny So Cal backyard garden is our kitchen, herb and medicinal garden. The daily dose of what’s needed through nature. A small sanctuary of flowers, edibles, insects, chickens and Hestia, the Hive.


Forage Forest Farm Oregon - Mollie Bridgeman

Nestled in the valley of Williams, Oregon and the Siskiyou Mountains. Forage Forest Farm is 5 Acres of ancient pine, oak and native species. Our Farm. Our dream. Our home away from home.

This piece of land we steward for the good of the trees and wildlife within it. Here we practice, we create, we expand, we grow.

Biodynamic Gardening

We follow the practical and holistic gardening methods developed by Rudolf Steiner in his 1924 lectures to European farmers. Biodynamics views each farm or garden as an integrated, whole, living organism with biodiversity and the ability to generate its own fertility. Plant-based teas, sprays and preparations are created to support soil, plant health and growth. We work in rhythm with the Earth and Cosmos.

We listen, observe, connect and work according to the land and her guidance.

“There is one rule in the garden that is above all others. You must give to nature more than you take. Obey it, and the earth will provide you in glorious abundance.”

- Alan Chadwick, late English master gardener