Sound Healing

Sound healing - Mollie Bridgeman

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“We are made of Energy, Sound, Vibration and Light.”

-Professor Jeralyn Glass, Crystal Cadence L.A.

Through the vibratory sounds of Crystal Alchemy Singing bowls we can experience stillness, relaxation, regeneration and a sense of wholeness.

Crystal Alchemy Singing bowls are made of the highest quality quartz crystal, infused with rare gemstones such as Carnelian, Morganite and Apophyllite.  The rare infusions add a layer of energy associated with that stone that can be sensed through the sound. The bowls, therefore, are incredibly resonant and not only heard, but felt, all over the body as we ourselves are crystalline in structure. The body’s organs, tissues, cells and systems are all affected by the frequencies of Crystal Alchemy Singing bowls.

Mollie’s growing bowl set is comprised of a combination of bowls with notes that directly impact the body’s Chakra System and bowls with notes that impact the body’s Endocrine System. The Chakra System plays an important role in managing the body and mind energy while the Endocrine System converts energy into chemistry within our bodies. Having a finely tuned Endocrine System is essential for health and wellbeing. In addition, the set is tuned to the frequency of 432 hz, the same frequency measured and found in nature.

During a Sound Bath with Mollie, guests rest in a relaxing, reclined position with the use of soft cushions, blankets and/or pillows. Mollie guides a centering and meditation in conjunction with the use of essential oil aromas to help set the tone. Sound is then woven into the experience and you breathe and hold space to receive. Cells transmute energy, unease prepares to break, crumble or dissolve, and deficiencies receive nourishment. Relaxation, regeneration and healing take place throughout the session both consciously and unconsciously for an overall transformative experience of Crystal Alchemy Sound.

Get in touch to book private sound in both Southern California and Southern Oregon, or visit the events page for upcoming public opportunities. 


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing system discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900s. This practice channels a higher energy that runs through all living things; a life force containing spiritual and vital energy. The energy is summoned and sent to the recipient through touch, activating their body’s own innate healing power. Reiki is known to balance and restore both physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Mollie offers therapeutic one-to-one treatment sessions in 60 and 75 minute increments. Reiki is combined with Aroma Point Therapy and Sound Healing to soothe and balance body, mind and spirit. The recipient rests comfortably on a treatment table lined with a deeply nourishing amethyst infrared warming mat positioned with blankets and cushioning. Mollie begins with the essential oils on various acupoints or body zones to balance specific energetic needs. The oils begin to work their magic on the field as Mollie applies Reiki healing energy to the body and soul, again as needed. Finally, the vibrational, harmonizing sounds of Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls relax the client through the body’s endocrine system and chakra points, tuning to the frequency of 432 hz. This treatment is refreshing, renewing and aligning to the core of your being.

Get in touch to book a treatment with Mollie at either ESO Live Well in Newport Beach, California, 5HT Connective Space in Huntington Beach, California or in Williams, Oregon.

Reiki - Mollie Bridgeman