Yoga & Meditation

Yoga - Mollie Bridgeman
Meditation - Mollie Bridgeman

"may you listen to your longing to be free."

- late Irish poet and philosopher John O'Donohue

Yoga and meditation are practices to broaden your mind, body and soul; to feel yourself more fully, to send nourishment to your cells and systems and to calm and steady your thoughts. It is exercises, breathing and sitting - in tandem or alone - to help us to connect to something greater with clarity, ease and an open heart.

Mollie has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 10 years, studying primarily underneath internationally renowned teacher Elena Brower. However, making time to meditate every morning, learning through student interaction and getting on her own mat often is what has taught Mollie the most. Her practices have evolved over the years and she finds herself drawn to slow and gentle Hatha style yoga and restorative postures as of late.

Mollie offers private yoga by appointment in your home in both Orange County, California and Williams, Oregon. 

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